Setting up BeerBot

  1. Download and Install Raspberry Pi OS to SD card using Imager. Manually downloading the OS (zip-file), extracting the .img and using that seems to be more reliable than letting the Imager download the OS.
  2. Enable SSH Server:
  3. Connect Raspberry to Network, find its IP using Angry IP Scanner:
  4. Use PuTTy to start a SSH connection.
    user: pi, password: raspberry
  5. Install ZeroTier VPN Client:
    curl -s | sudo bash
    curl -s '' | gpg --import && \
    if z=$(curl -s '' | gpg); then echo "$z" | sudo bash; fi
  6. Join beerbot_vpn ZeroTier Network:
    sudo zerotier-cli join af415e486f9bfe97
  7. Authorize Client at (Check „Auth“ checkbox)
  8. Wait until the client is shown to be online and has an IP-address (should take < 1 minute)
  9. Connect to SSH via VPN now using the Raspberry’s ZeroTier VPN „Managed IP“ (
  10. Change user password for user pi from „raspberry“ to something else using the passwd command.

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