Jetson Nano direct Ethernet connection for SSH, VNC etc.

Shamelessly stolen… I mean mirrored… from

  1. Boot your Windows Host PC
  2. Open „Network Connections“ page
  3. Open the Control Panel, click Network and Sharing Center and click „Change adapter settings“.
  4. Enable ICS
  5. Right click Wi-Fi, click „Properties“, click „Sharing“ tab and select „Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection“.
  6. Set „Home networking connection:“ to Ethernet and click OK.
  7. Connect Jetson TK1 to your Windows Host PC with an Ethernet cable
  8. Connect an AC adapter to Jetson tk1
  9. Jetson TK1 boots as soon as you connect an AC adapter and automatically get an IP address from host PC.
  10. Find an assigned IP address
  11. Open Command Prompt on host PC and run:
arp -a
    1. Jetson TK1 might take about 60 seconds to get an IP address after boot.

First 6 numbers of Jetson’s LAN port physical address is „00-04-4b“.

Find an IP address followed by such a physical address from the output.

12. Run ssh client in host PC and login to Jetson TK1 using found IP address

13. Login with username (jetson) and password


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