Jetson Nano: Install librealsense with Python bindings

  1. Download librealsense source as .zip:
  2. After downloading the zip file, its contents should be extracted so that you have a librealsense folder
  3. cd to the librealsense root directory
mkdir build && cd build




make -j4


sudo make install

8. update your PYTHONPATH environment variable to add the path to the pyrealsense library. The folder should contain some files calles similar to „“ and „“. If your user is „jetson“ and you unzipped the source of v 2.39.0 to your Desktop, the path might be something like here:

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/jetson/Desktop/librealsense-2.39.0/build/wrappers/python

9. Add the export statement of step 8 to the end of your .bashrc so the python bindings are available automatically.

sudo nano .bashrc

Save with Ctrl+O

10.Check whether realsense-viewer works:


11. Check whether the python bindings are available


>>> import pyrealsense2 as rs

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