Astra J LS-CAN Reverse Engineering

Decoding messages on the Low-speed (33.3 kBit/s) CAN Bus

Message IDBit(s)FormatMeaningDecodeExamples
0x102ca04031Cruise Control ready/disabledTODO
TODOaccelerator pedalTODO
0x102cc040TODOaccelerator pedalTODO
0x1020c040TODOIndicator, Low beam, High beamTODO
TODOlow beamTODO
TODOhigh beamTODO
21 bitbrake pedal0 = not pressed
1 = pressed
0x10240040[32:47]16 bit signed wordsteering wheel angledecimal:
+5750 =~ 360° counter-clockwise
0x106b8040[0:15] or [16:31] or [32:47] or [48:63]4x 16 bit unsigned wordvehicle speed (4x wheel speeds (?))decimal:
v = x / 32.3
v in km/h
0x15a2 -> 5538
= 169 km/h
0x1064a040TODOelectric windows (front) positionTODO
0x10414040TODOcentral lock
0x1063004071 bitdrivers door open/closed0 = closed
1 = open
0x102f604071 bitpassenger door open/closed0 = closed
1 = open
0x104380401 bytesteering wheel media buttonsdecimal:
0 = nothing
1 = Vol+
2 = Vol-
3 = Src up
4 = Src down
5 = Src button
6 = hands-free
7 = mute
0x107580402 bytescruise control buttonshex:
0x0000 = cc rocker switch disabled
0x0040 rocker switch enabled
0x0054 = SET/-
0x0068 = RES/+
0x00c0 = cc disable button

2 Antworten zu “Astra J LS-CAN Reverse Engineering”

  1. Hi,
    OMG I also collect similar info from my Astra J (I’m an amateur enthusiast) but from a different reason. I only want to add comfort functions to my car. I learnt you are doing a much bigger project here – good luck, have fun with it!
    If you want to exchange some info or you only want some spiritual support :-))) pls write to me.

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