Installing nVidia ISAAC SDK and ISAAC SIM

Prerequisites: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, an nVidia GPU

Sourced from:

  1. Sign up to the NVIDIA Developer Program
  2. Accept EULA and download ISAAC SDK (a .tar.xz file)
  3. Untar ISAAC SDK and install dependencies
mkdir isaac
cd isaac/
### Move ISAAC SDK tar file to this new isaac directory ###
tar xf isaac-sdk-<......>.tar.xz
cd engine/

4. Build and run sample application

cd ~/isaac/sdk
bazel build //apps/tutorials/ping  # this takes a long time first time around!
bazel run //apps/tutorials/ping

5. Download ISAAC SIM Unity3D

Download Isaac Sim Unity3D

Download Isaac Sim Unity3D from the Isaac Developer Downloads website:

Scroll down to and open Archive

Download this one:

SIM (Unity)NVIDIA® Isaac Sim based on Unity 3D Game Engine.

and unzip it to $HOME/isaac_sim_unity3d. This package contains both a “play mode” build and “editor mode” projects and packages. You can use the “play mode” build without installing Unity Editor, so it’s a good way to start exploring Isaac SDK and Isaac Sim Unity3D. On the other hand, the “editor mode” projects and packages, which require the Unity Editor, allow you to create your own simulation environment for Isaac SDK.Unity3D installation workflow

Install Unity Editor for Editor Mode

If you do not have a Unity ID, create a Unity account first.

Download Unity Hub for Linux from the Unity forum, then run the following commands:

bob@desktop:~$: chmod +x UnityHub.AppImage
bob@desktop:~$: ./UnityHub.AppImage

When the Unity Hub application opens, follow these steps to install the Unity Editor:

  1. Click the person icon in the upper right and select Sign in. Sign in with your Unity ID.
  2. Select Installs on the left, then select Add.
  3. In the Add Unity Version popup window, install 2019.3.x (no modules are required). The sample project for Isaac Sim Unity3D is created with 2019.3.0f6, so any newer 2019.3 version can be used.

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